Specialty Coffee

A journey into the universe of specialty coffees.

There are many experiences that have led us to delve deeper into the topic of coffee: from the trip to the plantation which gave us the opportunity to meet the farmers, to the discussion with many professionals in the sector. In 2010 we chose to start working with Specialty Coffees, with the Son of Coffee brand, while in 2018 we were proclaimed as one of the best Coffee Roasters in Italy.

Specialty Coffee is an Arabica variety coffee harvested by hand to select only the ripe drupes coming from territories with particular climatic conditions. The coffees of the Son of Coffee brand must have defects and during the evaluation phase exceeds 80 points on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. After this selection the coffees are shipped quickly in vacuum-packed bags or in plastic bags lined with yuta.

The careful selection and careful roasting allows the beans to best develop all their aromatic potential and preserve all the characteristics of the coffee unaltered.

Son of Coffee does not simply offer only work on the quality of the coffee, but tries to offer a unique sensorial experience, even with just a cup. Discover our product line and ask anything, we are at your complete disposal.

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